Attend a Keystone Project Discipleship Training


These are our upcoming training events:

  • International Leaders Training, March 25 - April 19, 2019

    Launching Movements of Multiplying Disciples in Every Nation - Status: OPEN for Applications

  • US/CANADA TRAINING, MAY 13-17, 2019

    Reaching Unreached Nations Among Us - Status: OPEN for Applications


    Launching Movements of Multiplying Disciples in Every Nation - Status: OPEN for Applications


Training Application Form


An overview of the registration process for the international trainings:

1. Fill out the Training Application Form.

2. Complete the first registration assignment.

3. Complete the second registration assignment.

4. Provide information for your invitation documents.

5. After receiving these documents, apply for your visa online and schedule your interview at the nearest US embassy.

6. Attend your visa interview at the embassy.

7. If granted a visa, book your airline tickets according to our directions and complete the final forms.

Please note: Your seat at the training is not reserved until you have completed all of these steps. You will be given steps 2-5 individually after we have reviewed each completed step.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and guiding you through this process!

Be aware of unscrupulous individuals who are acting as Keystone Project representatives and charging unsuspecting applicants money to apply for our training or to handle their applications. WE HAVE NO SUCH REPRESENTATIVES! The only individual authorized to process Keystone Project applications is our training coordinator, Dustin Stuckey ( If you use any "agent" other than Dustin, you are being scammed.

Read About Our Training

“After 32 years in Ministry, The Keystone Project Discipleship Training is the answer to the God-given dream to reach all of the several hundred First Nations Native Reservations in the United States and Canada for Christ Jesus by making disciples who make disciples.”

Dobie Weasel, Nebraska