Kingdom core values
Founded by missions veterans, The Keystone Project has decades of experience in launching disciple-making movements. At the heart of our training are 7 Kingdom core values that are essential to launching organic, Spirit-led disciple-making movements
Commandment to Reproduce and Multiply

Our training embraces God's purpose in humanity, emphasizing the importance of lifestyle evangelism, as we are called to be fruitful and multiply. This foundational principle drives our mission, urging us to spread the gospel organically and expansively.

Priority of the Kingdom of God

Jesus taught the significance of seeking God's kingdom and righteousness first, highlighting the primacy of God's rule and design in our lives. This value reminds us to align our priorities with God's, ensuring His will is at the forefront of our actions.

Missional Supremacy of the Great Commission

Recognize the Great Commission as the paramount mission given by Jesus, urging every believer to adopt a disciple-making vision and lifestyle. This commission is our guiding light, directing our efforts towards making disciples in every nation.

Intentionality and Strategic Thinking

Understand the importance of setting strategic goals for disciple-making and establishing specific steps to achieve those goals. By being intentional and strategic, we ensure that our efforts are directed, purposeful, and impactful.

Pleasure of Unity and Community

Value the unity of the Church as a testament to the world's belief in Jesus, fostering relationships that transcend cultural, racial, and spiritual differences. In unity, we find strength, and in community, we find support and encouragement.

Power of Walking in the Spirit

This value emphasizes the need to be continuously filled with and led by the Holy Spirit, learning to discern and obey God's voice in our lives. This spiritual walk empowers us to navigate challenges, make wise decisions, and remain steadfast in our mission.

Need for Accountability

Uphold the importance of biblical accountability in fulfilling the Great Commission, ensuring the impartation of our movement's genetic code from disciple to disciple and maintaining theological integrity. Accountability keeps us grounded, ensuring that our actions align with our beliefs and values.

Meet the team
Our team is a diverse group of passionate individuals committed to seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetimes. From experienced missionaries to emerging leaders, we bring a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to our mission.
Headshot of Richard Greene, Board Chairman of The Keystone Project
Richard Greene
Board Chairman
Richard Greene is the founder and president of The Keystone Project, a mission ministry that trains leaders from around the world. The focus of his training and mission is the launching of movements of disciples making disciples among unreached people groups.

Richard pastored churches in Maine, Connecticut, and Florida. He and his wife Margaret began their missionary career in 1998, serving the Lord in Africa for five years. He developed the training program which became The Keystone Project on the ground in the nations, having trained thousands of leaders from over 100 countries.

Richard is now based in Keystone, South Dakota where he lives with his wife and nine children, all of whom are now grown and serving on staff with The Keystone Project. He continues to lead The Keystone Project, traveling to many nations, training and coaching leaders and churches to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Headshot of William Wolff, Board Vice-President of The Keystone Project
William Wolff
Board Vice-President
Bill is a retired visual designer and serves as Board Vice-president for The Keystone Project. He and his wife Nancy have 4 children and 5 grandchildren, and they all reside in the Pacific Northwest. They have supported the vision and mission of The Keystone Project since its founding.
Headshot of David Jones, Board Secretary of The Keystone Project, with his wife.
David Jones
Board Secretary
Hello, my full name is David Stewart Jones. I grew up between two small towns called Leo and Grabill, Indiana. I've spent most of my 75 years in this area only away for college at Purdue University and Ball State University. My wife of 53 years has spent her entire 75 years of life in this area, teaching kindergarten and raising our family. All three of our children and their spouses live within about 15 minutes of where we live. That means that our 11 grandchildren are all currently in this area and range in age from 21 years down to 8 years old. Our children and their spouses are all Believers and all 11 grandkids know Him as their Savior. I had been in public education for 30 years as a teacher, a principal, and a District Executive Director of Secondary Education for 5 High Schools and 5 Middle Schools. Though currently retired, I had also been in real estate for 14 years after my time in public education. I love to teach the Bible.

I've taught adult Sunday School classes for nearly 40 years. My wife and I were Youth Sponsors for an additional 8 years. I've served on the Board for The Keystone Project since around 2011 when it started in Fort Wayne, IN, and then transitioned to Keystone, SD. Ephesians 2:10 continues to be my key verse motivating me to do the work Christ has prepared in advance for me to do.
Headshot of Steve Zurcher, Board Treasurer of The Keystone Project
Steve Zurcher
Board Treasurer
Steve Zurcher resides in Fernandina Beach, Florida with his wife Lynn. Steve has served as a pastor in Michigan and Hawaii, a missionary in Haiti, and a church administrator in Hawaii, and currently part-time in a local church in Florida. Steve retired from full-time ministry in 2017. He serves as treasurer for The Keystone Project and has coached at some of the trainings. He is sold on The Keystone Project model of ministry.
Headshot of Richard Stiliha, Board Member of The Keystone Project
Richard Stiliha
Board Member
Richard was born August 18, 1941, and grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In June of 1960, he became a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. He immediately pursued Biblical studies in Miami, Florida; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Carnforth, England and Jacksonville, Florida.

He has worked with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Navigators, the Russian-American Military Humanitarian Conference in Moscow, Russia,  Olive Branch International, an NGO, and was directly commissioned as a U.S. Army Chaplain in 1974.

Since 2005, he has partnered with The Keystone Project in Pastoral Care education in “Staying Healthy in the Ministry.” He currently holds the position of Board Member and teaching staff member of The Keystone Project.

He and his wife, Ruth, make their home in Clearwater, Florida. They have two grown children, Theresa and Andrew, and two grandchildren, Anderson and Natalie.
Headshot of Robert Colbenson, Board Member of The Keystone Project
Robert Colbenson
Board Member
Robert (Bob) and Sandra (Sandi) Colbenson live in Baxter, MN. They have been active in Missions and Ministry outreach for 25 years. Bob is an ordained pastor and both Bob and Sandi run “Reflecting The Light Ministry” which serves those who work in Native outreach and churches. RTLM has come alongside Pastors and Missionaries in ND, SD, MN and NE. RTLM does ground, building, and remodel work on Native Ministry Centers and churches. Bob is also a Keystone Board member and has served Keystone over the last 7 years. Bob's calling is for the lost and to come alongside folks involved in Native and 1st Nation Ministry.
Headshot of Shawn Walker, Board Member of The Keystone Project, with his wife Carol.
Shawn Walker
Board Member
Shawn and Carol Walker lead Stand and Walk Ministries in Dayton, Ohio. The purpose of the ministry is to make disciples who make disciples in the Dayton region. While serving in the Air Force, God brought them together at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas in 1996 where they were also married. They raised three children together, Hannah, Nathan, and Caleb. Shawn and Carol value loving God and loving people above all else, and their greatest desire is to see many come into the Kingdom!
Headshot of Darla Provancial, Board Member of The Keystone Project
Darla Provancial
Board Member
Darla has worked with The Keystone Project since 2017 and has been instrumental with Native American ministry and training programs. She has been a board member of The Keystone Project since 2024.
Headshot of Richard Greene, President of The Keystone Project, with his wife Margaret.
Richard & Margaret Greene
Richard Greene is the founder and president of The Keystone Project, a mission ministry that trains leaders from around the world. The focus of his training and mission is the launching of movements of disciples making disciples among unreached people groups.

Richard pastored churches in Maine, Connecticut, and Florida. He and his wife Margaret began their missionary career in 1998, serving the Lord in Africa for five years. He developed the training program which became The Keystone Project on the ground in the nations, having trained thousands of leaders from over 100 countries.

Richard is now based in Keystone, South Dakota where he lives with his wife and nine children, all of whom are now grown and serving on staff with The Keystone Project. He continues to lead The Keystone Project, traveling to many nations, training and coaching leaders and churches to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Family photo of David and Nadine Saldivar, Director of Global Ministry of The Keystone Project.
David & Nadine Saldivar
Director of Global Ministry
David and Nadine Saldivar, along with their children Elizabeth, Rebeka, David Jr., and Mateo, reside in Katy, Texas. David has been an ordained minister since 2005, has served as a senior pastor and founded several ministries. He currently serves as the Director of Global Ministries in The Keystone Project and manages our global network by leading regional  international trainings and by deploying different projects overseas that support the expansion of the gospel in all the nations. In addition, David directs the growing online training programs of our ministry. His passion for global ministry is complemented by his love for family time.
Headshot of Sanmugan Veeran, Asia Coordinator of The Keystone Project.
Sanmugan Veeran
Asia Coordinator
Shanmugam has worked with The Keystone Project since 2010. He and his team work in Asia to reach the unreached by spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom and launching disciple-making movements. They mainly work in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Please pray for monthly DMM leaders' Training in various places in India, 5 Modules of Disciple Multiplication Trainings in Andra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, and Mumbai, and for the protection and provision of the DM movements because of the ongoing persecution in India.
Headshot of Toby Lazo, Latin America Coordinator of The Keystone Project.
Toby Lazo
Latin America Coordinator
Pastor Toby was born in 1964 in El Salvador and he came to America in 1981 at the age of 17. He received Jesus Christ as His Lord & Savior in 1996 at the age of 31. Pastor Toby is married to Rosa and they have three children, Noryhng, Chris, and Alejandra. He was called to the ministry in 2001 when he became the Senior Pastor of Victory Celebration in Burbank California. In April of 2004, he resigned from his position as Senior Pastor of Victory Celebration, and in June of the same year, he joined the Missionary Church.

On November 7th, 2004 he officially started “MINISTERIO CASA DE DIOS” in Burbank, CA (House of God Ministry). His ministry began with a handful of teenagers who believed in the vision that God gave him for the San Fernando Valley. His vision is centered on developing disciples who make disciples. In the month July 2006, he was appointed Director of Hispanic Ministries of the Missionary Church Western Region. And he is responsible for planting new Hispanic churches. Since 2008, he has been involved with The Keystone Project, a global network of churches and leaders committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation and beyond.
Photo of Will and Patti Parks, Property Manager and Executive Administrator of The Keystone Project.
Will & Patti Parks
Property Manager & Executive Administrator
Will serves as the Property Director for the Keystone Project and the Rushmore Express Hotel. Will is also the head of security for both these organizations as well as filling the position of the financial analyst. Patti is the Administrator and Bookkeeper for both the Keystone Project and the Rushmore Express Hotel.

Together, Will and Patti bring many years of experience in the corporate world at the executive level as well as previously owning their own Building and Remodeling Construction business in Omaha, Nebraska. They have 5 adult children who are pursuing their passions in various locations within the U.S., with one currently exploring the adventures that foreign countries offer.

Will and Patti find their greatest satisfaction in pursuing God’s purpose and being a part of the Keystone Projects' mission of fulfilling the Great Commission.
Family photo of Mario and Alejandra Carranza, Operations Manager of The Keystone Project.
Mario & Alejandra Carranza
Operations Manager
Mario is the Operations Manager for The Keystone Project and directs and organizes staff operations. Mario & Alejandra have 2 children, Ezra and Nova, and have been with The Keystone Project since 2015.
Headshot of Dustin Stuckey, Training Event Coordinator of The Keystone Project.
Dustin Stuckey
Training Event Coordinator
Dustin grew up in the Fort Wayne area of Indiana, where he became close friends with the Greene family, and he has lived in Keystone, South Dakota, since 2016. He studied Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) and Biblical Studies at Bethel University, IN, and he now works for The Keystone Project as their Training Event Coordinator. He is passionate about equipping laborers for the Great Commission and serving the students who come to Keystone for the training, and he enjoys writing, traveling to other countries, and spending time with friends and family.
Headshot of James Greene, Internship Director of The Keystone Project.
James & Brianna Greene
Internship Director
James has worked as the Internship Director for The Keystone Project since 2018. He and his wife Brianna have one son, James Jr.
Family photo of Charlie and Amber Greene, Marketing Manager of The Keystone Project.
Charlie & Amber Greene
Marketing Manager
Charlie has a BA in graphic design and communication arts and is the Marketing Manager for The Keystone Project. He and his wife, Amber, have 5 children. Reaching the unreached for Christ is his greatest passion, but he also enjoys spending time with family, the outdoors, and creatively solving problems.
Family photo of Rick and Jen Greene, members of The Keystone Project team
Rick & Jen Greene
Keystone Team
With years of experience in cross-cultural ministry locally and globally, Rick and Jen Greene are passionate about coaching, teaching, and impacting small communities for God’s glory. Rick currently coaches students for The Keystone Project trainings, and has also served in local politics. Jen actively disciples women & leads worship in her spare time when her arms aren’t full with raising little disciples—at the time of writing, the Greenes have four children and one on the way. Their family currently resides in Hill City, SD, and is committed to furthering the Kingdom of God in South Dakota and the nations.
Family photo of Jona and Makahna Tejada, members of The Keystone Project team
Jona & Makahna Tejada
Keystone Team
Jonathan and Makahna both live and serve in Keystone with their daughter Renée. Jonathan has a passion for storytelling and filmmaking. Documenting The Keystone Project’s impact has been an incredible experience. Makahna enjoys coaching students through the online academy. And is also excited to disciple their first daughter!
Photo of Jon and Addie Greene, members of The Keystone Project team
Jon & Addie Greene
Keystone Team
Jon and Addie work with the marketing team and help create inspirational content for The Keystone Project.
Headshot of Andrew Greene, member of The Keystone Project team
Andrew Greene
Keystone Team
Andrew Greene lives in South Dakota and has been a part of The Keystone Project since 2013. He serves in various roles for their ministry, including coaching for their discipleship training events, discipling students for the summer internship program, and serving as a housekeeping supervisor at their hotel. He is currently studying to become an EMT, and he loves working with international students, going on mission trips to other countries, ministering to children, and using his artistic giftings to serve God.
Headshot of George Greene, member of The Keystone Project team
George Greene
Keystone Team
George Greene graduated from Western Dakota Technical Institute with an associate’s degree in Paramedic Science. He grew up on the mission field in South Africa and has traveled around the globe, including places such as Peru, China, India, Nepal, and Côte d'Ivoire. Currently, he works as the housekeeping manager at the Rushmore Express and cooks, cleans, and coaches for The Keystone Project.
Headshot of Amy Greene, member of The Keystone Project team
Amy Greene
Keystone Team
Amy Greene is a coach for The Keystone Project. She is passionate about Praying, drawing, hiking, and learning about other cultures. She wants to see the mission of the Great Commission accomplished in this generation by reaching the unreached with the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Headshot of Cecelia Rubsamen, member of The Keystone Project team
Cecelia Rubsamen
Keystone Team
Cecilia Rubsamen is a front desk receptionist for The Keystone Project. She is passionate about mountain biking, sports, and experiencing other cultures.
Family photo of Caleb and Georgia Hertzberg, members of The Keystone Project team
Caleb & Georgia Hertzberg
Keystone Team
Caleb Hertzberg has been doing ministry for 5 years and is the Front Desk Manager for the Rushmore Inn & Family Suits Hotel. He and his wife have 1 child and are praying for more soon. Caleb is passionate about speaking into people’s lives and seeing the Holy Spirit do the rest. His wife Georgia Hertzberg currently holds a BA in Marketing and Spanish. She collects and assembles the newsletter each month for the Keystone Project.
Headshot of Edward Hernandez, member of The Keystone Project team
Edward Hernandez
Keystone Team
Joined the KP Ministry in May 2021. Part of the maintenance team. Help by fixing problems at the Hotel and around the property. Been following Christ since I was very small. Grew up in the church under my Grandparents who were pastors. I enjoy working with my hands. Any knowledge or wisdom I have gained so far I owe to The Lord, for He opened up my eyes to see and learn, my ears to listen attentively, and my heart and soul to trust and follow His Will and Guidance. Building a house, a foundation is great but building a relationship with Jesus Christ is even Greater.
Large, diverse group of people posing for a group photo outdoors with pine trees and mountainous backdrop. The group consists of adults and children of various ages, some seated on a bench, others standing, with a few holding young children or pets.
The Keystone Project story
Discover how a mission born on the fields of India and Africa is reshaping communities worldwide

The Keystone Project's journey began with a vision on the mission fields of India and Africa. From 1994 to 2004, our founder, Richard Greene, developed a strategy of multiplying disciples while training interdenominational Christian leaders. He observed the stagnation in local churches' impact on their communities and realized that traditional church growth methods were faltering.

In 2010, with the support of World Partners, The Keystone Project Inc. was born as an independent non-profit, marked by significant donations: a ministry training center overlooking Mt. Rushmore and the Rushmore Express hotel in Keystone, South Dakota. These facilities not only serve as our training headquarters but also support our ministry's logistical needs.

Our focus is unwavering: to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Despite the progress over centuries, a significant portion of the world remains unreached. We believe this generation has the means to complete this sacred task, especially among the most resistant and difficult-to-reach groups. Our strategy is simple yet profound: launch movements of multiplying disciples, starting with a Spirit-prepared first-generation disciple and intentionally nurturing growth to at least the fourth generation.

The results speak for themselves. The impact of our multi-generational discipleship training is vast and often beyond quantification. It's evident that the Holy Spirit's work through The Keystone Project is monumental, with much of it still unfolding.

Since our inception, we've maintained a robust training regime, engaging leaders globally and domestically. We've established disciple-making teams in key US cities and have seen our network of alumni and mission partners grow exponentially. Our mission continues to evolve, driven by passionate followers of Christ who are bringing the vision and mission of The Keystone Project to life.

In this journey, we've seen God's hand at work, and we remain committed to honoring Him in all we do. Join us in this unfolding odyssey as we strive to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded, until the end of the age.

What is our Statement of Faith?

As an organization, we hold to the Lausanne Covenant as an expression of our doctrinal convictions and our commitment to the mission of God in the world. The Keystone Project embraces the radical call of the gospel to suffer and sacrifice for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We affirm the 2010 Lausanne commitment to “walk in simplicity, rejecting the idolatry of greed.”

Read the Lausanne Covenant >

What is our Doctrine?

The Keystone Project is an interdenominational and multicultural network of churches and leaders that is unified in the essentials of the Christian faith and diverse in the nonessentials. The Keystone Project has trained leaders from over 150 denominations, including Baptist, Pentecostal, Coptic, Roman Catholic, Dispensational, Reformed, Lutheran, Anglican, and non-denominational.

What makes The Keystone Project unique?

The Keystone Project emerged on the mission! Therefore our work takes us outside of the institutional church and is not dependent on any program or structure for its success.  Our discipleship training is not concerned with how we meet; it is concerned with how we live!  While the training does not deny the importance of church gatherings, it intentionally focuses on the development of a Great Commission lifestyle through the cultivation of loving relationships, the skillful use of spiritual gifts, and the daily application of God's Word through Spirit-led obedience.

What does The Keystone Project provide?

Dynamic Visionary-Based Discipleship Training
Movement-Launching Ministry Internships
Leadership Coaching
Training Resources
Relational Leadership Networking

What role does the hotel play in the ministry?

Not only does the hotel help financially support the ministry, but it is also integrally involved in the ministry in a variety of ways. During the off-season, the hotel allows us to provide free lodging for the students at our training events, and during the summer season, it also allows us to provide employment for our staff and interns. Over the summer, nearly three million tourists pour through the Black Hills of Keystone, South Dakota (home of Mount Rushmore), and the hotel gives us a platform to serve, bless, and interact with countless guests, many of whom would not have connected with The Keystone Project otherwise. This leads to many divine connections with fellow believers who are excited to see what God is doing here, and in many cases, it also allows us to share Christ with those who do not know Him yet. The hotel also gives our staff and interns the opportunity to work alongside non-Christian young adults, many of whom are from other countries and do not know who Jesus is. As they work with us over the summer, many of them are able to sense the Lord’s presence and love in our staff, and they hear the gospel of the kingdom for the first time here.

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