From field to framework, discipleship in action

Our seasoned instructors have been at the forefront of some of the world's most expansive disciple-making movements and bring invaluable insights to the table.

We offer month-long, two-week, week-long, and tailored trainings throughout the year. You can find a complete list of our upcoming training events below.


Learn at our Ministry Center in the beautiful Black Hills of Keystone, South Dakota (home of Mount Rushmore). We'll pick you up at the Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) and accommodate you at our hotel, the Rushmore Express Inn & Family Suites.


Our trainings are open to all Christians willing to be radically challenged by the Great Commission. Both church leaders and new believers will benefit from this paradigm-shifting training.


The application fee for our in-person training is $25 USD (nonrefundable), and you are responsible for all travel expenses, including the cost of your visa and airfare. However, your training, meals, lodging, and ground transportation are provided at no extra cost during the dates of the training, thanks to our generous donors.

Learn from missionary veterans how to reach the fourth generation

Ground your discipleship efforts in real-world expertise, adopting strategies that have stood the test of time.
Online Training
Embark on a flexible journey with our online training, mirroring the intensity of our in-person sessions.
Navigate a self-paced 6-month program, equivalent to our 2-week in-person training
Immerse yourself in a 10-week intensive cohort experience, enhanced by peer learning
Absorb knowledge from 25+ transformational lessons, each designed for deep understanding
Receive dedicated one-on-one coaching, ensuring personalized guidance
Access bilingual translation of teachings in Spanish
Engage in cross-cultural and regional training opportunities and missional projects within our network
Access online training
In-Person Training
Harness visionary leadership and missional disciple-making for transformative outreach.
Choose from month-long, week-long, or tailor-made training experiences
Immerse yourself in a redemptive community with our staff and students
Absorb knowledge from 50+ transformational lessons, each designed for deep understanding
Receive dedicated small-group coaching, ensuring personalized guidance
Access bilingual translation of teachings in Spanish and French at available trainings
Engage in missional activities with your coaching group and gain practical experience on the ground
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Formación en línea
Emprenda un viaje flexible con nuestra formación en línea, que refleja la intensidad de nuestras sesiones presenciales.
Navegue a su propio ritmo por un programa de 6 meses, equivalente a nuestra formación presencial de 2 semanas.
Sumérgete en una experiencia de cohorte intensiva de 10 semanas, reforzada por el aprendizaje entre iguales.
Absorber el conocimiento de más de 25 lecciones transformadoras, cada una diseñada para una comprensión profunda.
Recibir entrenamiento personalizado, asegurando una guía personalizada.
Acceder a la traducción bilingüe de las enseñanzas en español
Participar en oportunidades de formación intercultural y regional y en proyectos misioneros dentro de nuestra red.
Acceder a la formación en línea
Formación presencial
Aproveche el liderazgo visionario y la formación de discípulos misioneros para un alcance transformador.
Elija entre experiencias de formación de un mes, una semana o a medida
Sumérjase en una comunidad redentora con nuestro personal y estudiantes
Absorba el conocimiento de más de 50 lecciones transformadoras, cada una diseñada para una comprensión profunda.
Recibir asesoramiento en grupos reducidos, lo que garantiza una orientación personalizada.
Acceder a la traducción bilingüe de las enseñanzas en español y francés en las formaciones disponibles
Participar en actividades misioneras con su grupo de entrenamiento y adquirir experiencia práctica sobre el terreno
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Formation en personne
Exploitez le leadership visionnaire et la formation de disciples missionnaires pour une action de proximité transformatrice.
Choisissez une formation d'un mois, d'une semaine ou sur mesure.
Immergez-vous dans une communauté rédemptrice avec notre personnel et nos étudiants.
Absorbez les connaissances de plus de 50 leçons transformationnelles, chacune conçue pour une compréhension profonde.
Bénéficier d'un coaching dédié en petits groupes, garantissant un accompagnement personnalisé
Accéder à une traduction bilingue des enseignements en espagnol et en français lors des formations disponibles.
Participer à des activités missionnaires avec votre groupe d'encadrement et acquérir une expérience pratique sur le terrain.
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Training Events

These are our upcoming training events held in Keystone, South Dakota, USA.
Topics of study
Visionary leadership

A visionary leader is an individual uniquely equipped to lead through the development and communication of a compelling vision. Such leaders view the world and the church through the lens of the vision they've received, playing a pivotal role in launching disciple-making movements. They are transformed by their vision, and they passionately convey this vision to others. Furthermore, visionary leaders not only hold onto their vision but also have the capability to reproduce and instill it in others, raising up subsequent generations of visionary leaders.

Missional disciple-making

Missional disciple-making is about intentionally producing individuals who live the kingdom life daily, embodying the transformative essence of being "salt" and "light" in their communities. This approach goes beyond the conventional understanding of discipleship. While traditional methods might focus on the basics of Christianity, missional disciple-making emphasizes a life of full surrender, obedience, sacrifice, and mission-oriented living. It's not just about having a personal relationship with Jesus; it's about actively participating in the Great Commission, reaching out to those who haven't yet heard the message of Christ. This disciple-making process is rooted in the mission, ensuring that disciples see their role as inherently tied to the broader mission of spreading the gospel.

Multiplying to the 4th generation

Multiplying to the 4th generation is a biblical principle emphasizing sustained discipleship. This approach ensures disciples make other disciples, creating a chain reaching four generations deep. The fourth generation signifies the completion of God’s work, where core values are firmly imparted. Leaders think beyond themselves, laying a foundation with the first generation and fostering a self-sustaining discipleship movement. This approach aims for exponential growth, impacting communities and nations.

The cost of dscipleship

The cost of discipleship is profound and demands unwavering commitment. Jesus set the standard, calling His disciples to total surrender and sacrifice, having paid the ultimate price Himself. Embracing discipleship means prioritizing Jesus above all else, even familial ties. It's about taking up one's cross, following Him, and understanding that true discipleship might mean losing one's life in this world to find it in Him. This cost, set by Jesus, is not to be diminished or altered by us; it's a testament to the depth of commitment required to truly follow Christ.

Launching a disciple-making movement

To launch a disciple-making movement is to ignite a transformative wave of discipleship that ripples outwards, touching countless lives. At its heart, this movement is driven by a profound commitment to the Great Commission. It's not about adhering to a single formula or method but about embracing organic disciple-making. The Keystone Project emphasizes the importance of vision, reproducibility, missional focus, and the mastery of basic ministry skills. Moreover, it underscores the significance of strategic planning and the indispensable role of the Holy Spirit. This approach is about more than just meetings or programs; it's about fostering transformational, missional disciple-making.

Organic Spirit-led ministry

Organic Spirit-led ministry is a dynamic approach that emphasizes the spontaneous and natural growth of the life of Christ in believers. Drawing parallels with a fruit-bearing tree, this ministry approach underscores that just as a tree grows organically from a seed, so does the church emerge from the impartation of the life contained in the seed of the Word of the Kingdom. This ministry is not about constructing or manufacturing growth but about nurturing and facilitating the inherent life within the seed. As disciples interact and form missional relational connections, they give rise to redemptive communities, each carrying the same genetic code of the Kingdom. This organic emergence is rooted in the principles of Spirit-led leadership and ministry, ensuring that the growth is genuine, sustainable, and aligned with God's design.

Developing a leadership culture

Leadership is the backbone of any thriving movement. At The Keystone Project, we emphasize the importance of cultivating a leadership culture that is rooted in the principles of the Kingdom. This involves the identification, training, and strategic placement of spiritually gifted leaders. As these leaders function within the churches and redemptive communities of the movement, they play a pivotal role in maintaining the theological, visionary, and missionary integrity of the movement. Furthermore, our approach ensures that new leaders emerge from within, carrying the same DNA and vision forward. Through continuous training and equipping, we ensure that our leaders are not only visionaries but also effective in guiding their communities towards the mission of multiplying disciples.

Multiplication movement dynamics

Dive into the power of multiplication in ministry, where leaders are encouraged to focus on preparing their members to reproduce. Understand the exponential potential of multiplication, which can lead to self-expanding movements. At the heart of these dynamics are the principles of equipping and sending. The Keystone Project emphasizes the importance of multiplying disciples up to the fourth generation, ensuring that the growth is not just about addition but about true multiplication: where 2 disciples become 4, then 8, then 16, and so on. This approach promotes a spontaneous and unprogrammed multiplication of the Church, allowing it to expand organically and dynamically.

Emerging redemptive communities

Redemptive communities are the organic results of disciples embracing God's redemptive purposes together. These communities, whether in the form of local churches, mission teams, or other groupings, arise spontaneously from the interactions of disciples committed to fulfilling God's redemptive aims. The early Church serves as a prime example of such a community, emerging not from structured planning but from the life of the Holy Spirit within the disciples. These communities can take various forms, including local churches, cell churches, house churches, mission teams, and more. Their shared DNA ensures they are aligned with God's mission, regardless of their specific structure or method of operation.

Developing a Biblical and supernatural worldview

To truly grasp the essence of God's mission and purpose, one must cultivate a Biblical and supernatural worldview. This perspective is rooted in the understanding that God's unimaginable majesty and power are evident throughout the Scriptures. By skillfully interpreting and applying the Bible, believers can discern God's mission as He intended, seeing His glory and purpose span across the pages of Scripture. This worldview emphasizes the importance of hermeneutics to avoid misinterpretations that can harm God's name and people. It's about recognizing the spiritual realm around us, which is as tangible as the natural, and understanding that faith allows us to "see" this spiritual dimension. Embracing this worldview equips believers to live in both the natural and spiritual realms, ensuring they walk in alignment with God's divine plan.

Waging spiritual warfare

Spiritual warfare is a battle for truth, where God represents truth and Satan is the father of lies. This warfare is not waged in the flesh but in the spiritual realm, using divinely powerful weapons designed to dismantle the deceptive strongholds Satan builds on lies. These strongholds begin as thoughts and evolve into speculations, reasonings, and entire belief systems that stand against the knowledge of God. Through spiritual warfare, believers are equipped to destroy these speculations and bring every thought under the authority of Christ's teachings and the Word of God. The ultimate aim is to establish God's kingdom where truth prevails and the lies of the enemy are exposed and defeated.

Walking in the Spirit

To truly fulfill the Great Commission, one must be led by the Holy Spirit, transcending human effort and capabilities. Jesus emphasized the importance of being filled with the Spirit to empower His disciples as witnesses. Walking in the Spirit involves developing spiritual awareness, understanding the conflict between our fleshly desires and the Spirit, and prioritizing the Spirit's guidance. This spiritual journey requires us to be spiritually minded, free from condemnation, and to resist worldly entanglements. By embracing the Spirit's lead, believers can navigate life's challenges with divine insight and purpose.

Using spiritual gifts on mission

Spiritual gifts are divine empowerments granted to every disciple, designed to manifest the presence, power, and purity of Christ. These gifts, described as the "manifestation of the Spirit," serve the collective body of Christ and individuals alike. Their operation openly showcases the Holy Spirit's ministry within the church, benefiting all. As disciples venture on their mission, these gifts play a pivotal role, ensuring that the message of Christ is conveyed with authenticity and impact.

Identifying apostolically-gifted leaders

Apostolically-gifted leaders are essential for the successful launch and growth of disciple-making movements. These leaders possess a unique blend of spiritual gifts, including a high apostolic anointing complemented by leadership, teaching, and evangelism skills. Their primary role is to keep teams mission-focused, ensuring that the mission remains paramount. Apostolic leaders also benefit from external coaching, which offers them fresh perspectives and accountability. Their gift mix allows them to cast kingdom visions, start new works, and lay foundational structures for emerging movements. Recognizing and nurturing these leaders is pivotal for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Orality and biblical storytelling

Oral Bible storying presents Bible truths in a captivating story format. These narratives are shared with enthusiasm and clarity, breathing life into characters and scenarios without adding personal commentary. Often, Bible stories are shared chronologically, setting the stage for understanding the gospel. Storytelling resonates deeply in many cultures, especially oral ones, making it a powerful tool for conveying biblical truths. Through this method, listeners engage with the story, discuss its implications, and are guided to discover its meaning, allowing them to embrace the gospel in a profound way.

Facilitating the growth of organic ministry

Organic ministry growth emphasizes the natural and spontaneous expansion of the gospel through relationships, communities, and networks. Rather than relying heavily on structured programs or rigid methodologies, organic growth taps into the inherent dynamics of human interaction and the Holy Spirit's guidance. This approach fosters genuine relationships, encourages discipleship at a grassroots level, and allows the gospel to spread in a way that is adaptable and relevant to various cultural contexts. By facilitating organic ministry, leaders empower believers to be active participants in the Great Commission, leading to sustainable and impactful kingdom expansion.

Establishing a network within a movement

A movement thrives on connectivity and collaboration. Establishing a robust network within a movement ensures that resources, knowledge, and best practices are shared efficiently among its members. This interconnectedness fosters unity, accelerates the spread of ideas, and strengthens the collective impact of the movement. By building a well-structured network, leaders can harness the collective strength of diverse groups, ensuring that the movement remains resilient, adaptive, and poised for sustained growth. This approach not only amplifies the movement's reach but also fortifies its foundation, ensuring longevity and continued influence.

Ready to make a generational impact?
Student testimonies
"It is here in Keystone that I came to discover my giftings, and I give glory to God."



"Coming here was a kairos moment for me.... I really knew--and I believe many [of my fellow students] agree with me--that this month was a month that God gifted us.... Even if we paid money somewhere else, we would not get the same kind of teaching, the same kind of moments, the same Spirit-filled people around us, and the same sense of God's Spirit among us.... This whole month was unlike any other month of my entire life that I could have ever spent before."



"The teachings here have been so profound and so deep, like I had not heard before. I have gone to Bible schools; I've gone to theological trainings, but these have been so outstanding, and I really praise the Lord for that."



"But after coming here and learning about discipleship, it has given me another view and understanding. It is not a matter of just evangelizing and filling your church; it is a matter of making disciples and making disciples and making disciples.... And we cannot do that on our own; we need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit."



"It is such a privilege for us [coaches] to come alongside Pastor Richard and really try to drive these truths home for [the students] so that they can implement these changes in their countries and in their communities."


South Dakota

“For me, it's a turning point in how I've always perceived and done the work of ministry and a truly refreshing kairos moment that I could not miss."



“I am now more comfortable in sharing the Gospel and my testimony with anyone than ever before. The Keystone Project taught me how to live according to the Scripture and gave me the tools and experience I needed to multiply disciples and impact the world."


Democratic Republic of the Congo

"Even if you preach the gospel every hour of your life, you can never reach all the nations of the world or fully obey the great commission. SO, make disciples that make disciples that will make disciples… that will take the gospel to remote villages, towns, cities, and nations of the world - SIMPLE!"



"By God’s grace we have prayerfully selected two young guys from our Asia Disciples Network to be the Mission Representatives for Srilanka with our mission team."



"I left there knowing deep inside my heart new things, renewed callings of discipleship and strength in knowing I was not alone, that many others thought the same things as I did. Our goal is not to be 'building' centered but to make disciples who make disciples."



"We appreciate this investment into our lives. You have become part of my life  because the impact of your ministry remains indelible. I am so glad that God has been helping me in lifting the curse and making disciples."



"After 32 years in Ministry, The Keystone Project Discipleship Training is the answer to the God-given dream to reach all of the several hundred First Nations Native Reservations in the United States and Canada for Christ Jesus by making disciples who make disciples."



"Discipleship is not a hype or something every Christ Follower should do, but discipleship should be ingrained in us through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Here at Keystone, you have the greatest opportunity to receive life-changing Spirit-filled teaching. Come with an open heart and willingness to learn and to be transformed."



“It’s almost three weeks since we left Keystone. I started reaching out to my children’s teachers, to make disciples within the school with the children and reach out to parents who have not accepted Christ. Please pray for Divine connections.”



“I can never thank God enough for Keystone. New, deeper, keener insight and more zest for the Kingdom.”



“God used every part of this summer--the work at the hotel, the community of interns, the training, the time with internationals--to introduce me to the Great Commission and give me a vision to carry even beyond this summer."



“I didn't truly understand the magnitude of the call of the Great Commission, and what it really means to live your life solely for the glory of God. Through the Keystone Project, not only did God change my mindset, setting it on mission for His Kingdom, but He changed my heart, igniting it for a much greater purpose than myself."



"I was able to see what God was doing here and take part in establishing the Kingdom of God in the lives of others while God was pressing His mission into my heart.  The internship was a perfect stepping stone to see how I fit into the plans of God."



“I attended Keystone in October 2009, which brought a great impact and transformation in my life and to many I discipled through this concept.”



What makes this training unique?

The Keystone Project training focuses on launching disciple-making movements and the emergence of healthy, multiplying churches from the lives of committed disciples. It emphasizes a reliance on prayer, the empowering of the Holy Spirit, and multiplication at every level. It is universal in application and can be implemented in any cultural setting, regardless of financial resources or ministry position.

What does the training cover?

During the training, you will learn how to make disciples (fully committed followers of Jesus Christ) as you go out on the mission and meet the needs of your community. As you learn about this kingdom life, you’ll also learn how to help your disciples make disciples, how to multiply disciples to the 4thgeneration, and ultimately how to launch disciple-making movements. The training will also cover topics such as how to target an unreached people group near you, how to refocus your church to make disciples, how to launch mission teams, how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, and how to operate effectively in your spiritual gifts.

Are there opportunities to practice what I'm learning in the training?

Yes! Usually once a week, we will send the students out in their coaching groups to practice what they are learning on the mission field. On these missional activities, you’ll walk side-by-side with your fellow students and an experienced coach, learning first-hand how to reach the lost, how to walk in the Spirit, and how to begin making disciples. This is an exciting opportunity for you to experience the kingdom life of a disciple and to begin practicing what you are learning in the training, so that you are ready to launch a disciple-making movement when you return home!

Is this training only for pastors and church leaders, or can anyone attend?

Our trainings are open to all Christians who are willing to be radically challenged by the Great Commission, whether they are church leaders or new believers. We are looking for Christians who want to be missionaries, regardless of ministry position. This training is for those who are willing to reach outside the comfort and security of their churches and lay down their lives for the unreached.

Is every training open to applicants from any country?

Yes, each training is open to applicants from the US and from other countries. The “Native American and US Leaders Trainings” are specifically tailored for Native American participants and ministries, but they are open to US, Canadian, and international participants as well. For students who would require Spanish or French translation, they will need to attend an “International Leaders Training” when the translation they need is offered (as indicated on the list of Training Events).

How much does the training cost?

To apply for the training, there is a nonrefundable $25 USD application fee. You will also be responsible to pay for all travel expenses, including the cost of your visa and airfare. However, we will provide the training conference, meals, lodging, and ground transportation during the dates of the training at no additional cost.

Where will I be staying, and where does the training take place?

During the training, you will be staying at our hotel, the Rushmore Express Inn &Family Suites, and the training will take place at the nearby Keystone Project Ministry Center. Both properties are located in the beautiful Black Hills of Keystone, South Dakota (home of Mount Rushmore). Transportation between the hotel and the Ministry Center will be provided each day.

What does the schedule look like for a typical day in the training?

We start serving breakfast in the Ministry Center at 7:00 AM, and the training begins with prayer for the day at 8:00 AM. There is a devotional message and a training session before lunch at noon, and there are one or two more training sessions after lunch. Training sessions are classroom style and usually last an hour to an hour and a half. After the last session, students will break up into small groups for a coaching session to review and contextualize what they covered that day. Dinner is at 5:30 PM with free time in the evening.

Are there required activities on the weekends?

Saturday is a free day; weather permitting, we will take the students on optional trips each Saturday to go sightseeing in the scenic Black Hills and to go shopping in Rapid City for essentials and souvenirs. Sunday will include a mandatory worship service in the morning; on some Sundays, there will be an additional activity and assignment for the training in the afternoon. Other than that, you will have free time on Sunday afternoons and evenings as well.

Can I visit other people or places in the US while I am there for the training?

If you are coming here from another country and would like to do any additional traveling or sightseeing in the US, we ask that you do that before the training begins, so that you can return to your home country and begin implementing what you have learned at the training right away. We have found that the longer a student waits to put the training into action the less effective it will be. We want this training to bear much fruit in your life for the kingdom! If you have friends or family in the area, they can visit you while you are here, as long as you do not miss any of the training or coaching sessions or Sunday activities.

Can I bring any family or friends with me?

Spouses are encouraged to attend the training together whenever possible. If you are bringing your spouse or any other adult family members or friends, they will each need to fill out the application, complete the registration process on their own, and be approved individually to attend the training. Since we do not have any childcare available, it is best for students to avoid bringing children to the training, in order to prevent any distractions.  

Can I arrive late or just attend part of the training?

Students are not permitted to arrive late for any training event. The early lessons in the first few days are extremely important and foundational for the rest of the training, and the sessions build on each other progressively. It is very difficult for students to properly process the training content without that context and foundation. Both new and returning students should plan to attend the full training from beginning to end.

How do I apply for the training?

Your first step will be to fill out the “Training Application Form” here on our website. This will allow you to create your own personal account, which you can log back into and update at any time. Once you have paid the $25 USD application fee by credit card, you will then fill out the entire application form and complete the registration assignment. After reviewing your application, we will send you an email with your Invitation Letter and more information. Once you’ve been approved, your final steps will be to apply for a visa online, attend your visa interview at the nearest US Embassy, book your airline tickets for the travel dates we give you (if your visa is granted), and send us confirmation of your visa and airfare.

What if I don’t have a credit card to pay the application fee?

If you do not have a credit card, an alternative way to pay the application fee is through MoneyGram. The directions and information you need to pay the fee through MoneyGram can be found on the Checkout form in your account.

What kind of visa do I need to apply for?

You will need to apply for a Tourist/Visitor Visa, also known as a B1-B2 (or justB2) Visa. In your interview, you will need to show that you are traveling to the US for this training conference, that you are financially able to pay for your trip, and that you have strong ties to your country. We will send you more guidelines and advice for your visa interview when we send your Invitation Letter.

What if I can’t get a visa in time for the training I applied for?

Many US Embassies are very busy and may not have an available interview date for several weeks or even months. If your visa interview is scheduled too late for you to arrive on time for the training you selected, please let us know, and we will send you a new Invitation Letter for the next international training after your interview. Even if your visa is granted, you are still not permitted to arrive late for the original training you selected.

Can The Keystone Project contact the US Embassy to support my visa application?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to send a copy of someone’s Invitation Letter or any other documents directly to the US Embassy. We have been informed that it is illegal for us to contact the Embassy on behalf of an applicant. All documents must be presented by the applicant directly in their interview. In general, the interviewer at the Embassy is much more focused on the individual applicant and their personal documents than they are on us and our documents. You’ll be able to read more about this in the guidelines that we’ll send with your Invitation Letter.

Can The Keystone Project help cover my travel expenses?

Unfortunately, we are not able to help cover travel expenses for any students. We also cannot state on your Invitation Letter that we are going to pay for your airfare. When you apply for your visa, you will need to indicate that you are paying for your trip, and when you attend your visa interview, you will want to bring a bank statement showing that you are financially able to pay for your trip. We will still provide the training conference, meals, lodging, and ground transportation at no additional cost.

What if I can’t come to the US for a training?

If you are not able to travel to the US at this time, we would highly encourage you to enroll in our Online Academy to engage in this training. This self-paced program features recorded lessons from our training, accompanying chapters from our manual, online coaching support, and regional training opportunities within our network. You can also subscribe to our blog and podcast for devotional content and inspiring testimonies from the mission field, and you can follow our newsletter and Facebook page to watch for other training events held around the world.

Why should I pursue these training opportunities?

The Great Commission was given over 2,000 years ago, and yet 42% of the world’s population remains unreached with the gospel of the kingdom. The remaining unreached people groups are unreached because they are the most resistant to the gospel and the most difficult to engage. The time has come to embrace a strategy that is biblical, Spirit-led, self-sustaining, and unstoppable, and that strategy is the launching of movements of multiplying disciples. We pray that God will use you mightily to reach the unreached around you, and we hope you will take advantage of this training to equip yourself for the work of the Great Commission.

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