India Mission Updates

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May 14, 2020

By Shanmugam Veeran, India

God has been working in and through us powerfully to reach the unreached, even in this pandemic. I would like to share a few stories from our disciples’ lives.

Our disciples are gathering as small groups of two or three families:

Every religious building and program is closed in India due to the Corona lockdown, but our disciples are meeting in their houses to worship the Lord as usual. Church buildings may be closed, but the Kingdom of God cannot be hindered. 

Every family is teaching their children and their neighbors’ children every day in their houses. Sudarsan Rajan and Alagappan are teaching disciples and sharing the Gospel through conference phone calls and video calls. Mahendran is teaching English and sharing the Gospel with his neighbors. This pandemic situation gave us more time and focus to be missional.

Our DMM leader Arul has been discipling fatherless families in Kuruvimalai Village:

Arul is one of my ‘Apostolic/Missionary Team’ members. The Holy Spirit guided him to focus on fatherless families and reach them with the Gospel. Suresh and I go along with him to help on his mission. After meeting many families, God showed us these two families to be followed. You can see in the following pictures there are 5 children who are struggling for their basic needs. Arul has been faithful to comfort and disciple them with the help of our Redemptive Community in Kanchipuram.

A Redemptive Community has been formed at Enathur: 

God connected me with Suresh. I discipled him, and he brought Prakash, who brought Dinagaran and Vinoth. Now I have 4 generations of disciples. We are doing children’s ministry in the daytime, sharing the Gospel in the evenings, and praying daily near a Paddy field from 7 pm to 9 pm.

We supported 50 families [disciples, DMM leaders, and pastors] with 25 kg. bags of rice and wheat flour. Thank you all very much for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

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