Let's Talk About Homeschooling

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Published on:
June 25, 2024

I've heard many arguments for why parents send their children to public or private schools instead of homeschooling, but unfortunately, most of them are more about the parent's needs than the children. We are passionate about the truth and families, which the enemy hates. This is why we felt it necessary to do a full episode on why Homeschooling should be considered.

Many children are sent to public or private schools and expected to fend for themselves regarding their faith. From a young age, they are taught values that often are in direct opposition to God's kingdom. And at the end of it all, Christian parents expect they will walk away from school deep and unwavering in their faith. There are probably cases in which that happens, but is that the overwhelming result, or is it just the few who make it through strong and ready for the battles life will bring them?

In this episode, we try to answer some of the biggest questions parents have when considering homeschooling their children. Our guests include Margaret Greene, post-homeschool mother of 9 children, Amber Greene, homeschool mother of 5, and James DeJong, board member of Homeschool South Dakota, and father of 5.

I challenge you to listen and hear from the Holy Spirit and please consider the importance of homeschooling.

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