Recent Baptisms in Nepal

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May 3, 2017

Below is a report that was sent to us from some of our disciples in Nepal. They are traveling to unreached areas in the mountains of Nepal to make and baptize disciples!The area of Manang in Nepal is severely unreached. 19 out of the 20 people groups in Manang are unreached. The largest religion present in Manang is Buddhism, with 53.5% Out of the total population of 6,500 individuals professing to be Buddhist. Within this population, only 1.5% is professing Christian.

Greetings from Nepal.It is great privilege to inform you about the Manang visit. Thank you very much, for you have kindly prayed for the mission work of God the father.We have had some disturbance in the work of God, but because of your prayers, we came out from the problems. One of village leaders was trying to stop us sharing Gospel. He was challenging me, he was trying to stop our ministry to that village and did not want us to come to that place again. However, God is so gracious with us, and therefore we had fellowship in Manang.
Praise the Lord! Our friend Pasang Lama took the water baptism.
Once again thank you deeply for your prayers for the Manang visit.
Please pray for these points:The Magar brothers are waiting for water baptism in Manang, pray that they will really grow spiritually.Pray that God will prepare hearts to receive water baptism in Chitawan and Dolakha too.We are praying for a combined meeting in Kathmandu where we can encourage everyone for further ministry in the local area. We called for the gathering in Kathmandu to those who are leading the local church.Please pray for the managing of the meeting and travel expenses. The Gathering in Kathmandu will be three days and we will provide for their travel, food, and lodging.Best wishes to you all.In His service,Mukhiya Rai andGoldenGate Church familyKathmandu, Nepal
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