Missional Disciple-Making to the Fourth Generation

The Keystone Project trainings are taught by practitioners not theorists. Our instructors are not students of church planting movements telling you what they have heard and read, rather they are missions veterans who have trained and worked closely with the leaders of some of the largest and fastest growing movements in the world today.

Our discipleship training courses are designed to identify, train, and send a new generation of leaders to launch movements of disciple-making-disciples in every nation on earth. New churches, cells, teams, and networks emerge out of these movements with the potential to expand the kingdom of God into the most unreached regions of the world. The basic principles of the training are universally applicable, working effectively in any ministry situation or context.

The application of our training requires a radical shift in paradigm from using church planting to expand the kingdom of God to launching movements of disciples that naturally and quickly multiply healthy churches and transform communities. Thus, our focus is not meetings and programs, but on transformational, missional disciple-making to the fourth generation.

Topics Covered in Level 1 Vision Training

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Missional Disciple-Making
  • Multiplying to the 4th Generation
  • The Cost of Discipleship
  • Launching a Disciple-Making Movement
  • Organic Spirit-led Ministry
  • Developing a Leadership Culture

Topics Covered in Level 2 Equipping Training

  • Multiplication Movement Dynamics
  • Emerging Redemptive Communities (Church Planting)
  • Developing a Biblical and Supernatural Worldview
  • Waging Spiritual Warfare
  • Walking in the Spirit and using Spiritual Gifts on Mission
  • Identifying Apostolically-Gifted Leaders
  • Orality and Biblical Storying
  • Facilitating the Growth of Organic Ministry
  • Establishing a Leadership Culture and Network Within a Movement

Attending a Training

Training Admission

Our trainings are open to all Christians willing to be radically challenged by the Great Commission. Both church leaders and new believers will benefit from this paradigm shifting training.

Training Cost

The Keystone Project does not charge for its trainings in developing countries. When giving a training in developing countries, its instructors pay for all of their own travel and boarding expenses and any tuition charged is used by the training hosts to off-set the cost of the training facilities and other hosting expenses. The Keystone Project does not provide scholarships or pay the travel costs of training participants.

See our Training Schedule for event details.

Hosting a Training

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Keystone Project training. Please contact us for more information.