Global City Mission Teams

In 2010, the Keystone Project began to prayerfully strategize how to best facilitate transformational change in the spiritual climate in the major cities of the US with large international populations and ethnic diversity. It became obvious to us that we would have to take a different approach from traditional church planting.  We believed that if we were to train disciples to bring others to Christ and teach them to do the same through four generations, redemptive communities (churches, small groups, missionary teams) would form and the Kingdom of God would rapidly multiply.

We identified a number of major cities in the US that contained large international populations, while seeking for God to guide us to an effective starting point. While waiting on the Lord, we began to assemble and train a team of people committed to launching this movement of disciples.

We now have multiple urban mission teams in various cities across the United States of America.

For more information on our global city mission teams, you can contact