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In Early April, while one of our leaders from India was here in Keystone, SD for our Spring month-long training, his daughter was in a bike accident. The ankle and heel of his daughter’s right foot was severely injured in the biking accident. When he went back to India at the end of April, after the month-long training, he and his wife took their daughter to the hospital to have her injury checked out, as it did not appear to be getting better.

A situation like this is scary, stressful, and exhausting. When we are in these situations, how often do we believe that God is using them for His glory? How often do we give praises to God in the depths of our most difficult situations?

Our Indian leader and his wife had faith that the Lord was using this situation to glorify Himself, and in the midst of their faith, God came and did incredible things!

He and a disciple he is working with, are in the middle of an incredible opportunity that the Lord has given them. They are evangelizing to the nursing students in the hospital where his daughter was admitted. They found a few believers there and they have began to disciple them. They held two Gospel meetings for all the students and they have now formed a redemptive community in the hospital. The redemptive community, which meets regularly on Thursdays, includes the doctor at the hospital, the principal of the nursing school, the new believers they found, and the disciple our leader was initially working with. After each redemptive community meeting, they continue to meet with other nursing and medical students to share the Gospel with them.

How amazing is it that in the center of a situation that seems scary and hopeless, God can do mighty things to further His kingdom?

This story is one of the many that prove that God can display His splendor and desire for the Great Commission in any situation, regardless of place, time, and circumstances!

To God be the glory!

Below is a report that was sent to us from some of our disciples in Nepal. They are traveling to unreached areas in the mountains of Nepal to make and baptize disciples!

The area of Manang in Nepal is severely unreached. 19 out of the 20 people groups in Manang are unreached. The largest religion present in Manang is Buddhism, with 53.5% Out of the total population of 6,500 individuals professing to be Buddhist. Within this population, only 1.5% is professing Christian.



Greetings from Nepal.

It is great privilege to inform you about the Manang visit. Thank you very much, for you have kindly prayed for the mission work of God the father.

We have had some disturbance in the work of God, but because of your prayers, we came out from the problems. One of village leaders was trying to stop us sharing Gospel. He was challenging me, he was trying to stop our ministry to that village and did not want us to come to that place again.  However, God is so gracious with us, and therefore we had fellowship in Manang.

Praise the Lord! Our friend Pasang Lama took the water baptism.

Once again thank you deeply for your prayers for the Manang visit.

Please pray for these points:

The Magar brothers are waiting for water baptism in Manang, pray that they will really grow spiritually.

Pray that God will prepare hearts to receive water baptism in Chitawan and Dolakha too.

We are praying for a combined meeting in Kathmandu where we can encourage everyone for further ministry in the local area. We called for the gathering in Kathmandu to those who are leading the local church.

Please pray for the managing of the meeting and travel expenses. The Gathering in Kathmandu will be three days and we will provide for their travel, food, and lodging.

Best wishes to you all.

In His service,
Mukhiya Rai and
GoldenGate Church family
Kathmandu, Nepal

Student Work and Ministry Internship

Keystone, SD

The Keystone Project summer internship is a way to take our disciple-making movement training to the next level. It is a unique internship and training program for young adults ages 18-24 designed for hands on learning to give you the tools and experience that you need to multiply disciples and impact your world. The program combines intensive ministry training and experience while at the same time providing paid summer work.

(Limited space available)

  • Live and work for a summer in Keystone, S.D., home of Mt. Rushmore and gathering place for over 3 million visitors each summer.
  • Receive the Keystone Project level 1 and 2 vision and equipping training for launching organic, missional, disciple-making movements.
  • Develop life-long friendships as you learn to work with others as a team.
  • Learn cross-cultural ministry as you work along-side and build relationships with non-Christian international students.
  • Work in various positions within the hospitality industry and experience a Christ-centered business-as-mission environment.

For more information, or to apply, click the button below:


For further questions about the internship, email:




Training Description

Launching Movements Of Disciples (Level 1)
This module is missional in content. It progressively informs and equips those attending to identify potential disciples, assess their potential for launching movements, call them to a life of full surrender to Christ, and equip them missionally and Biblically to live kingdom lives and multiply generations of disciples. It clarifies and emphasizes the genetic code of Christianity, the nature and development of movements, and how to lead maturing movements of multiplying disciples. Those who attend this module will receive the training and tools they need to multiply disciples.

Multiplying Healthy Churches (Level 2)
This module is practical and theological. It addresses the nature and history of the Church, the rapid expansion of churches in a disciple-making context, how to facilitate the emergence of healthy redemptive communities, how to re-focus existing churches to make disciples, different expressions of the Church in an exponentially changing world, diagnosing the health of a church, and pastoring a community. Those who attend this module will be well equipped to multiply healthy, missional redemptive communities (churches).

The Spirit Filled Life (Level 2)
This module is equipping. It explores the leading role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the church, the gifts, tools, and weapons of the Spirit, how to be filled with the Spirit, how to walk in the Spirit, and how to engage in strategic spiritual warfare through intercessory prayer and spiritual mapping. Those who attend this module will learn how to pray for their disciples to be filled with the Holy Spirit, tear down spiritual strongholds in their lives, experience freedom in the Spirit, and how to engage in power encounters.

Strategic Leadership (Level 2)
This module is motivational and practical. It covers the basics of Spirit-led leadership, the use of vision to motivate followers, the leadership gifts, creating a leadership culture in your church and movement, and how to identify, train, and place your leaders. Those who attend this module will see leadership styles illustrated in the Scriptures, learn how to establish priorities, strategically use time and resources, and how to develop better communication skills in the context of your personal spiritual gift mix.


Speaker Bio

Richard Greene developed the content of the Keystone Project training on the field in India and southern and eastern Africa between 1994 and 2004. As he conducted leadership training for interdenominational Christian leaders in those regions, he became increasingly concerned with the ineffectiveness of local indigenous churches to impact their immediate cultural context or penetrate unreached areas. This was largely due to a traditional focus on planting western-style churches oriented around a building, resulting in an unintended neglect of evangelism and disciple-making. Resources, training, staff, and energy were being directed towards the establishment of local churches with the hope that these churches would do the work of evangelism and discipleship. In reality, the local churches became high maintenance institutions designed to reach a limited constituency. Evangelism and discipleship became increasingly contextualized within the churches and failed to cross cultural or social boundaries.

The answer was to take evangelism and discipleship beyond the local church context and extend it across social and cultural boundaries. This process began by combining the two disciplines into one (i.e., evangelism was integrated into a holistic discipleship process), and redefining discipleship in organic, missional terms rather than academic ones. We encouraged leaders to make disciples as they served the poor, the displaced, and the community. The Bible was learned in the process of doing what it teaches.

The results were astounding. Trained leaders launched disciple-making movements which resulted in thousands of disciples and churches, none of which required outside funding. In Ethiopia alone, between 2004 and 2007, we were able to document 45,000 new churches or cells and 2.5 million new disciples among 19 denominations and non-denominational groups and leaders. In Uganda we have credible documented reports of one leader who, in the same time frame, has seen over 15,000 new churches and many thousands of new disciples. Similar results have taken place in Somalia, Djibouti, southern Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Kenya, Zambia, and northeastern India. Movements have been established in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Cyprus, and the USA.

Richard is now based in Keystone, South Dakota where he lives with his wife. He has nine children, many of whom are now grown and serving on staff with the Keystone Project. He continues to lead the Keystone Project and to provide this dynamic training around the world.


Daily Schedule





7:50 Van Leaves
8:00-8:20 Prayer
8:20-10:00 Devotional
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Training Session
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:45 Training Session
1:45-2:00 Break
2:00-3:15 Training Session
3:15-3:30 Break
3:30-5:00 Coaching Session
6:00 Dinner

Weekend Schedule:

Saturday:  Free day for shopping and sight seeing (group trip to Mount Rushmore)
Sunday:  10:00am-12:00pm Worship Service. Afternoons open.

Training Venue and Accommodations

The Keystone Project training will be taking place in The Keystone Project Ministry Center, in beautiful Keystone, South Dakota (home of Mt. Rushmore). Hotel accommodations will be in Rushmore Express. Hotel reservations will include the night before the training module of your choice thru the last night of training and are included in the training, free of charge.
The accomodations that will be provided free of charge during the length of the training will be a room shared with another student of the same gender.  Private rooms can be purchased at $70.00 per night. Payment will be accepted upon arrival at The Rushmore Express.

Rushmore Express
320 Old Cemetery Road
Keystone, SD 57751

There will be an airport shuttle to transport you from the Rapid City (RAP) Airport to the Rushmore Express Hotel.

A continental breakfast, catered lunch and dinner will be provided with registration unless otherwise noted.

Unfortunately, childcare will not be provided at the conference.



A generous donation has allowed us to offer this training free of charge. However, if you would like to donate to the Keystone Project, it would be greatly appreciated, and you can do so, here.

Advanced Level 2 Equipping Training

Orientation for International Student (October 2)
Launching Movements Of Disciples (October 3 – 6)
Multiplying Healthy Churches (October 9 – 13)
The Spirit Filled Life (October 16 – 20)
Strategic Leadership (October 23 – 24)
Graduation and Commissioning (October 25)

Private Room Prices Based on Length of Stay

Launching Movements Of Disciples (October 2 – 6) – $280.00
Multiplying Healthy Churches (October 9 – 13) – $350.00
The Spirit Filled Life (October 16 – 20) – $350.00
Strategic Leadership (October 23 – 24) – $350.00
Complete Training, 4 Modules (October 2 – 25) – $1820.00

(The accomodations that will be provided free of charge during the length of the training will be a room shared with another student of the same gender. Private rooms are priced at $70.00 per night.)


  • If additional nights at the hotel are needed they will be available for the discounted rate of $70 per night.
  • International students should plan on arriving in Rapid City (Airport Code RAP) on October 1st and they should plan to depart from Rapid City on October 26th. There will be no housing available for international students the night of October 26th and following. Please note that all student travel in the USA must take place before the training begins, as all students are required to return to their countries immediately following the training.
  • Please note that the Keystone Project has no registered agents in other countries. You should apply for the training only through our Training Coordinator, Dustin Stuckey, and there is never a cost to apply for the training. However, the Keystone Project is not responsible for any fees incurred in the application process—including visa or travel document fees, airfares, or anything else.




Training Contact Info

For more information, contact:

Check out this video from the advanced training we held this past month from October 5th – 28th!

If you’re interested in attending one of our upcoming trainings, please click the date below to find out more.

We have a month-long training coming up in  October 2016 for international students.

We also have a week-long training in January 2017 for United States Citizens.